LD 946 Fails to Protect Consumers from Major Threats to Online Privacy

Despite consumers’ daily reliance on websites, apps, search engines, social media, they are often unaware that when they engage in these online activities, online companies are collecting, sharing and selling information about them. Now some Maine legislators want to pass an incomplete online privacy and security bill, LD 946, which only covers the data practices of Internet Service Providers, leaving out Silicon Valley’s biggest players like Facebook and Google.

Why would Maine legislators want to only enforce privacy rules on the Internet Service Providers who keep their customers’ data private – but not on the biggest online companies like Facebook, Google and other websites, apps and data brokers?

Mainers deserve a strong and uniform privacy framework that applies across the entire internet ecosystem.
By applying rules to some companies doing business online like Internet Service Providers and not others (e.g. websites, social media platforms, data brokers and others), LD 946 will create greater consumer confusion and undermine consumers’ confidence in their online activities – a risk to the continued growth of the digital economy.
This doesn’t make any sense.
Mainers need comprehensive privacy protections that give them – not online companies – control of their own data, everywhere they go online.

Tell your legislators to oppose LD 946.

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NEW POLL by David Binder Research Shows That Mainers Agree Privacy Protections Should Apply to ALL Online Entities

A recent poll conducted by David Binder Research surveying likely Maine voters shows an overwhelming preference for including all internet companies – internet service providers, search engines, e-commerce sites, streaming services, and social networks – as part of a potential data privacy legislation.

The key findings show that Mainers overwhelming believe that without the inclusion of all internet companies, a data privacy bill will be insufficient to protect their personal privacy. Supporting findings show:

  • 91% of Maine voters say they want their personal privacy protected by all services they use on the internet, including their internet service provider, search engines, e-commerce sites, streaming services, social networks, and mobile carriers and devices.
  • 87% of Maine voters say that a law to protect personal privacy should apply to all companies on the internet.
  • 79% of Maine voters feel strongly that a law to put privacy restrictions on only ISPs would be insufficient to protect their privacy.


See The Full Results Of Our Poll Here


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